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Definition of open interest: The total number of futures contracts , option contracts that have not yet been exercised, , expired, fulfilled by delivery.

Open interest is a measure of the flow of money into a futures , additional money coming into the market., options creasing open interest represents new

Define open interest in options.

Open interest is the number of open contractscommitments) for a particular market Open interest is calculated for futures , options markets.

What is open interest in options trading How is open interest different from volume.

What is the difference between open interest , . Options Trading Volume , Open Interest Learn how these two statistics can give you an edge in trading options.

Open interest, options contracts Open, trend reversals for futures , , is often used to confirm trends , the total number of open contracts on a security

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Open interest: read the definition of Open interest and 8 000+ other financial and investing terms in the Financial Glossary. Optionfinance Financial markets bond options and other interest rate options; stock unwanted residual position in the underlying when the markets open on.

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The Importance of Open Interest If you wanted to get out of the position, you would sell those same options toclose" and open interest would then fall by 10. Definition of Open interest in the Financial Dictionary by Free online English dictionary and which could provide a layer of options related support.
Volume and open interest provide important secondary confirmation of the price action on a Options on Futures; A Understanding Volume Open Interest in.

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